JUA ENERGY 5000mAh Powerbank Review

Over the weekend, I purchased this silver JUA Energy polymer super slim powerbank on Jumia Kenya. I have been running on empty battery in the last couple of days and decided it was about time I make a bold step. The power bank came in the beautiful packaging you see above and was fully charged. I loved the color and feel in my hands, the first impression re-assures your confidence in the brand and the design reinforces your trust.

There is also a warranty and a manual which means you can return the item should it develop manufacturer default which is a first among the powerbanks I see downtown. In the box is a Black pouch branded JUA Energy and a sizeable charging cable. The pouch has two ends from which you carry your powerbank around and gets as stylish as it can be. The USB cable is multi-functional in that is is used to re-charge the powerbank and disperse charge to a smartphone or the gadget you are charging. Using another cable, you can charge the powerbank while it is still charging your smartphone which makes perfect sense especially when you are trying to save time and power at the same time! Before charging the powerbank, I first drained its power into my Bluetooth speakers until the last LED light on its side went off. 3 hours is what it took me to recharge it. The 4 led lights on its side guide you on the percentage of power in the bank with the fourth one indicating full charge.

I noticed that the LED lights go off immediately after pressing the start button in less 3 seconds which I presume is to save you standby usage. The bank also went into auto sleep mode immediately my smartphone was fully charged which means you do not have to worry about it dispersing all its power if you sleep while charging your cellphone or get busy for that matter. The super slim feature will also allow you to carry both your smartphone and powerbank around barely noticing its weight in your hands or pocket . It is impressive to note that I was able to fully charge my Samsung Note 2 times on its flat battery.

Techincally speaking, charging the Samsung Note's 3220mAh powerbank 2 times is beyond reprive for any person travelling upcountry or on a long trip with the intention of using your smartphone all through. I find the powerbank a perfect power mate and a companion for every tech savvy person out there. 8mm is quite manageable and trust me, if you like to cundle your keys, you have already found a replacement. I find myself wanting to hold the power-mate in my hands more than one time. JUA Energy's partnership with Jumia means you can buy the product online and have it delivered to you anywhere in Kenya, you are also allowed a return policy of 7 days. The product can also be purchased offline and in-store from Nakumatt, PC World, Tricom, Text Book Centre and Office Mart.



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